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School doesn’t have to come to an end when the clock strikes 3:30pm.

Beyond the Classroom workshops and athletics provide an opportunity for extended play and participation in a wide variety of fun and engaging programs. Verita works to expand the interests of the students and cultivate teambuilding, leadership and a richer, broader creative global perspective.

Beyond the Classroom is open to all students from Early Years to Secondary School. 

We offer a rich array of programs every day of the week. Classes are taught by experienced Verita teachers and specialized instructors and coaches. We invite your child to participate!

  • Athletics
  • Music & Dance
  • Drama
  • Chess Club
  • Robotics
  • Languages
  • Advanced Maths
  • Martial Arts
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Digital Art
  • Homework Club


Verita’s Student Council serves to develop leadership skills, foster community awareness, advocate for student well-being, and promote global citizenship. It is a cornerstone of our student centred approach to promoting agency and interdependence.

Beginning in Year 4, elected student body and class officers work together to serve the needs of their fellow classmates and organise a variety of campus events throughout the year. This program gives students the opportunity to develop their skills as community leaders and work collaboratively to represent the student body.

Student councils devote a substantial portion of their time to fundraising activities to support our Service Learning Projects and Verita Foundation Initiatives. Student councils help finance a number of events each year for the student community.


Verita understands that a strong and active athletics program is pivotal to the education and character development of its students, as well as our school culture and sense of community. Our program is dedicated to providing the best possible facilities and learning environment for the physical, cognitive and social development of our student-athletes.

Verita strives to embody the mission of the school by building community through teamwork, pursuing athletic excellence, and promoting integrity through sportsmanship, while enthusiastically representing the school with purpose and pride.

In addition to participating in the regular Physical Education curriculum during the school day, students can participate in extracurricular coed and single-gender basketball, volleyball, and football teams. Badminton, Martial Arts, swimming, tennis and other physical activities are also regularly offered as part of the After School Program.

Competitive after-school athletics programs begin in the sixth grade in a developmental league where students are encouraged to participate and try new sports. This approach helps students focus on the process, not the outcome, and build self-confidence.

As students reach secondary school, they have an opportunity to participate in a more competitive intramural, international athletic league, which prepares them with the skills required for athletics excellence and provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate their skills development, teamwork and commitment to their sport. 

What Verita students learn from their participation in competitive sports provides them with transferable skills for the classroom, athletics and life after Verita. The athletic curriculum includes both in-school, afterschool and intramural competitive sports:

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Water Sports 
  • Track & Field
  • Ski Club
  • Badminton
  • Tennis



The community service program helps students develop strong personal values and realise their potential to contribute and participate effectively in societal change. Students are involved in a wide variety of activities that help numerous local non-profits and NGOs. These efforts support a broad range of causes including underserved and abused youth, the elderly, the environment, homelessness, animal welfare, and physically and mentally challenged persons. 

In the Secondary School, community service is a required program initiative for every student. 


Verita students enjoy a wide variety of field trips that complement and enrich the concepts explored throughout the school year and the Inquiry-based curriculum. In addition, many community outreach programs bring specialists and guest speakers into the classroom to share their experience and wisdom, providing context and “live learning”.   

Unique educational experiences benefit from the rich natural history, culture and geography of Athens and its surrounding environments. Not only do these trips serve as a long-lasting learning experience for students, but it also makes for many positive and lasting memories.


The Parent Education Speaker Series is designed to support our parent community by introducing experts in a variety of fields who engage in timely, thought-provoking discussions that inform and enrich our relationships with the community and support the well-being of our students.

Families can expect to gain valuable information on relevant subjects, a stronger sense of community, and at times, a completely new perspective on issues ranging from parenting, childcare, discipline, social-emotional learning, education and child development. 


Verita School provides gourmet, homemade meals to students. Everything is sourced and prepared by our in-house, talented school chefs.  Students are provided three meals daily: a light breakfast in the morning, a hot lunch with a vegetarian option, and an afternoon snack.  

We believe it’s never too early to instil good eating habits in our kids, school lunch is just the place to start.  We cook traditional, classic foods with better quality, better tasting, and better nutrition for your children. We ensure that children receive the right portions and diverse meals that offer them all the proper nutrients and vitamins.

We encourage children to try new dishes and learn more about fresh, healthy food throughout the year. Our priority is to ensure we serve students delicious meals they can enjoy – and appreciate as being good for them. We also encourage them to discover the wonders of food by trying new dishes and flavours and help them understand the importance of a healthy diet from an early age.


Our menus have a rhythm that matches the seasons. They’re designed to help children develop the confidence to try new dishes – and understand the importance of nutritionally balanced diets all year round.

We have a three-weekly menu rotation that changes twice a year. At the end of each cycle, we ask for feedback from staff, children and parents. We adjust our menus accordingly, ensuring we are in tune with children’s tastes and preferences while providing balanced, healthy, nutritious meals.

We believe in a partnership approach to working with our school. At the start of each menu cycle, we send menus to parents and attend parents’ evenings to show them first-hand what we do and answer any questions, giving them confidence in our service and offerings.

Lunchbox Essentials

Parents can also pack their children’s lunches if they choose. 
But a few fundamental rules:

  • Include various foods that ensure your child is full and energised. There are four essentials to every balanced lunchbox: vegetables, fruit, protein-rich foods and whole grains or starchy vegetables.
  • Please limit or avoid sugars.
  • Keep foods in a thermos or cold container to ensure food stays fresh (we cannot heat food for students).



We seek to build and support a community that is dedicated to the principles of respect and honours the diversity of the human experience. We are committed to confronting racism, bigotry, and bias in all its forms and ensuring that every community member feels safe, accepted, seen, and heard. We will continue to create spaces for learning, reflection, and courageous conversations.

We know that the work of creating a truly inclusive community is an ongoing effort and one that requires the input and perspectives of our entire community. We are listening and we are working to dismantle systems of oppression by creating policies, programs, and opportunities with relationships as the driving force— because that is what is needed to create a more just and equitable school and society.

We believe race, ethnicity, religion, culture, national origin, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, ability, and socioeconomic status to be examples of what constitutes diversity in our community.